"Robo" Robotic Spray Chopper Gun Gelcoater


N.J.Robinson can design and manufacture robotic setups for your factory, Robots are becoming more prevalent in factories around the world, and are great for cutting costs in labour and reducing the risks involved from uneven coverage from unskilled operators. Robots are reliable in many ways with OHS, to get operators away from constant exposure to materials in an environment that may be harmful.

The Robinson Robotic spray systems use the Airmix external mix head because the need for solvent flushing is eliminated.

The Robotic Head

can spray gelcoat, resin and resin/chopped glass and spray these functions using pneumatic operated controls to the head.

The Ultralow Weight Gun

with air containment/air assist to the nozzle achieves low pressure and low pollution making the Airmix system ideal for all automatic spray applications.

Resin/Glass System: Output 2kg/min – 12kg/min
Glass Chopper: Standard size and high output size motors
Gelcoat System: 0.4kg/min – 2.8kg/min
Gun Weight: Gun only weight Gelcoat - 800gms, Resin - 900gms
Catalyst System: Ultra simple Flowmeter or catalyst slave pump.
Air Consumption: 12CFM - 22CFM.