Bench Mount Resin Dispenser

Bench Mount Resin Dispenser

Dispensing polyester resin and catalyst is easy with the Robinson Bench Mount Dispenser.

Resin and Catalyst

are pumped and dispensed by either continuous flow or shot size amounts in an unmixed state thus avoiding any need for flushing with a solvent. Catalyst is pressure fed from a 10 litre S/S tank through Robinson's simple flowmeter system which is easy to see, easy to adjust and very low maintenance.

Resin flow per minute

is controlled by the air pressure to the pump with low air pressure for low volume and higher pressure for higher volumes.


up the number of pump strokes gives an automatic dispensed amount of resin and catalyst.

Resin System:
  • Output:
  • Standard-2kg-6kg/min
  • H/O up to 12kg/min
Catalyst System: Positive displacement pump linked to resin pump. ratio 1%-2%
Air Consumption: All pneumatically operated requiring 8CFM air for the wet-out and 20CFM air for the roving depositor.
Unit Weight: 48kg. Complete in packing box air shipping - 73kgs.
Hose Length: Standard length -9.1metres
  • Extra length hoses
  • Pantograph boom platform
  • Trolley Multi-pump operation