Adhesive Putty Dispenser

Robinson Electronic Variable Ratio Adhesive/Putty Dispenser

is an electrically driven twin pump unit for filled resins and catalyst. The unit has two electronic inverter controlled pumps delivering resin putty and catalyst at variable ratio in a continuous on demand flow or shot sizing to a hand held dispenser gun using static mixers.

An air and solvent flush system

is used to clean the gun and mix chamber.

Digital Read-outs

on each pump VFD controls the ratio of putty and catalyst and output.

PLC controls

can be added for automatically dispensed adhesives.

Adhesive/Putty Feed

uses a conical hopper to direct feed the putty into the cavity pump and will pump any viscosity putty that is just pourable into the hopper.


in design and easy to use as it does not use a pump ram system to feed the dispensing pump.

Trolley mounted and lighter weight for portability

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Pumps: TPumps of various sizes to suit output and speed of delivery.
Mixer: Static spiral mixer system
Delivery: Delivery by hand held gun or fixed station.
Air Requirements: Air requirement is 5 CFM.
Current/Voltage: Current need is 240volts AC x 50cycles/min or to suit operating country
  • Optional heating for hopper
  • Tank Agitator timers and shot size controls.
  • PLC controls Multiple component delivery.
  • More than two parts