Glass Reinforced Fibre Cement Spray Unit

GRFC Cement Spray Unit

The Robinson GRC or GRFC spray unit is a pump and spray system for Glass Reinforced Fibre Cement that will spray the cement slurry and chopped glass fibre onto a mould.


A long wearing cavity displacement pump is directly driven by an electric motor controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive. This method enables a small motor through a gearbox to drive the pump with vastly increased torque.

Clean Up

Clean up of the S/S hopper and pump is extremely easy and efficient.


Almost no maintenance is required on the pumping system as there are no wearing seals.


A pneumatic driven glass chopper is attached to the gun and chops and sprays through the centre of the gun.

Cement slurry

Cement slurry is pumped and sprayed through an annular around the chopped glass fibre resulting in a wetted sprayed matrix.


The unit can be mobile with a pantograph boom or fixed station with boom.

Current needs: 240 volts AC x 50 cycles or current of country of operation.
Motor: 0.75kw three phase motor controlled by a Variable Frequency Drive.
Gearbox: Fixed ratio gearbox
Speed monitor: Digital read-out of current (speed) or optional RPM read-out.
Slurry output: 0-11 litres/min standard output or higher output with increased pump size.
Pump: Cavity displacement with direct cement feed
Hopper: Conical S/S self draining hopper 160 litre capacity
Boom: 4.8m two piece spring assisted pantograph boom.
Chopper: Pneumatic driven variable speed with 6 blade cutter head. Cut length 19mm – 110mm.
Cleaning: Easy to clean S/S hopper with recycle line back to hopper.
Spray gun: Adjustable atomizing air, adjustable chopper speed, water flush port, remote sensor on gun for start/stop.