Glass Reinforced Cement

Glass Reinforced concrete or GFRC is the latest in concrete technology, the AR Glass in the GRC is the secret to making concrete strong yet light enough for many applications in architecture, garden and home furniture, and decorative design.

The GRC machine is simple in its design, with easy to use, two stage trigger with glass infusion on demand. The glass reinforced cement machine comes with a high speed sheer mixer that creates a creamy, light texture for the GRC machine to atomize and spray. It also comes with a texture spray gun for finishing products with a surface that is both decorative and non-slip, this surface finish is also good for hiding a joint in a mould, to create a seamless product. The GRC High speed sheer mixer is easy to use and has a pneumatic lift ram and has variable speed control for the mixing blade.

GRFC Cavitation Mixer

The Robinson Cavitation Mixer is used in the mixing of cement for GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Cement) or GRFC (Glass Reinforced Fibre Cement)

GRC Cement Spray Unit

GRC or GRFC spray unit is a pump and spray system for Glass Reinforced Fibre Cement that will spray the cement slurry and chopped glass fibre.