Variable Volume Output Epoxy Dispenser

Variable Volume Output Epoxy Dispenser:

The Robinson bench mount shot size epoxy dispenser is a fixed ratio unit of variable volume.


An all pneumatic operated twin pump unit delivers epoxy to a static mixing head.


Various sized pressure tanks up to 25lt. feed epoxy to the pumps with heating an option. Single or multiple shots are triggered by a foot pedal or manual valve.


An air/solvent purge is supplied as an option. This unit makes injection of epoxy shots into electrical components easy and accurate.

Pump Unit: Two positive displacement, single acting, low pressure pumps driven by a single cylinder.
Mix Method: Static spiral mixer with air/solvent purge or disposable with no purge.
Delivery: Fixed station or hand held gun.
Cleaning: Unmixed – nil flushing, mixed – air/solvent purge or disposable mixers.
Output: Adjustable single shot 10-100mls.
Air needs: 300 lt/min or 12 CFM.
  • Any nominated ratio
  • Range of static spiral mixers to suit epoxy
  • Heated tanks and hoses.
  • Hand held gun.
  • Tank agitators.
  • Ratio varied with pump change.
  • Trolley mounted.
  • Designed to customer requirement.