Encapsulation Dispenser

EVR Epoxy Encapsulation Unit

The Robinson EVR Epoxy Encapsulation unit is a pumping and metering system of high accuracy employing electrically driven cavity displacement pumps.

Variable Frequency Drives:

Variable Frequency Drives control the motors giving variable output and ratio.

Digital Readouts:

Digital readouts show the current used by each motor for speed and ratio. The unit can have various sized containers or direct feed from drums.

EVR Encapsulation:

EVR Encapsulation units enable the operator to inject epoxy or other filling materials into electronics efficiently and accurately every time.


The pumps have long life with low maintenance levels.

Pumps: Cavity displacement pumps of various sizes to suit shot size.
Mix Method: Static spiral mixers of various sizes to suit epoxy or operations.
Delivery: Fixed station, manual pantograph with stops, hand held gun.
Current: 240 volts AC x 50 cycles or to suit country of operation.
Motors: Three phase controlled by VFD.
Air Needs: 5 CFM for signal purpose
Output: 10ml upwards with pumps sized to suit output.
Cleaning: Air/solvent purge or disposable without purge.
Operation: Manual switch or foot pedal
  • Shot timers
  • Motor RPM readout control
  • PLC controls for multiple functions
  • Computer supervisor