Internal Mix Airless

Internal Mix

Internal mixing of resin/gelcoat and catalyst ensure 100% distribution of catalyst resulting in consistent cure, laminate quality and savings.


Mixing catalyst and resin/gelcoat ensure no catalyst vapor in the atmosphere thus reducing pollution. With are assistance, the airless spray pressure is kept very low resulting in a soft spray pattern and lower VOC emissions.

Catalyst System

A highly efficient stainless steel catalyst slave pump delivers an accurate amount with every stroke. Catalyst is gravity fed from a plastic container and the pump is fitted with a pressure gauge to monitor pressure and performance. Charging the catalyst accumulator is not necessary.


Robinson's design philosophy means simplicity and results in an uncomplicated easy to operate with low operating and maintenance costs.

System Versatility

The Airless Internal Mix unit is available in many varieties including gelcoater, resin wet-out, chopper gun and multi pump combinations.

Resin System: 16 : 1
Gelcoat System Ratio: 25 : 1 or 16 : 1
Catalyst System: Gravity fed positive displacement slave pump. Ration range infinity variable.
Glass Cutter: Pneumatic with speed and spray width controls.
Unit Weight: 48kg. Complete in packing box air shipping - 73kgs.
Hose Length: Standard length - 9.1 metresd
Multi Pump Operation: Enables dictated pumps for resin and gelcoat from one motor and catalyst slave pump resulting in capital, material and time savings. One two or as many pumps as you require can be fitted.
Air Consumption: Gelcoat/resin wet out: 10 CFM Chopper Gun: 20 CFM
Output: STD 2Kg 6Kg/Min H/O 2Kg-12Kg/Min High Output
  • STD 2Kg 6Kg/Min
  • H/O 2Kg-12Kg/Min High Output
  • Pantograph wall mount boom
  • Platform trolley and boom
  • Glass weighing scales
  • Multi pump operation
  • Static mixing head
  • Roller applicator