Airmix External Mix Airless Chopper Gun

External Mix Airless Chopper Gun

Requires no solvent flushing.

Low Pollution Environment

Efficient external mix nozzle design with air assist/air containment ensures a thorough catalyst/resin mix giving the lowest PPM levels and lower VOC emissions.

Gun Design

The gun has an all mechanical design with fewer parts to service or replace. An ergonomic trigger design provides fatigue free operation. Gun weight is only 900gms.

Roving Cutter

The roving cutter with our standard motor has an output up to 2.75kg/min (6lbs) with one strand so less tangling of roving to clear. The cutter rubber is spring tension so no adjusting to correct strand cutting while operating all day.

Pump Design

A new air valve with quick exhausts on the pump motor gives a fast stroke change over with minimum moving parts. The auto adjusting gland in the resin/gelcoat pump extends the operating life thus lowering costs.

Catalyst System

The standard system uses a pressure tank feed to an adjustable, highly visible, simple and reliable flowmeter with only one O ring to service or the accurate catalyst slave pump system adjustable from 1% to 3%


System Versatility

The Airmix unit is available as a resin saturator, chopper gun, multi-pump combinations for resin/chopper and gelcoat, all hardchromed pumps for spraying filled resin or gelcoat. The Airmix unit comes standard on floor stand or optional trolley mounted.

Manual: Gallery:
Operating System: Air operated requiring up to 566lt./min or 20 CFM
Resin System: Positive displacement double acting pumps. Ratios: L/P16:1 - H.P. .25:1SYSTEM Ratio 16:1
Catalyst System: Simple and responsive flowmeter or efficient slave pump. 10lt. S/S tank.
Glass Cutter: Air operated with speed and spray width controls. Cutter heads with 6 blade std., 12, 24 and 36 blades.
Output: Std. 1kg/min. To 6.8kg/min. High output 2kg/min to 13kg/min
Hose Length: Standard length 8m and 10m or longer set on request.
Boom: Std. length two piece pantograph 3.6m/12ft. Or 4.8m.16ft. Wall mounted or trolley mounted.
Trolley: Std. sizes to suit 25lt., 200lt. and 1000lt. containers.